Our Business Office Package (BOP) is a comprehensive suite of insurance coverage consisting of five primary coverage sections: Property, Business Interruption, Crime, General Liability and Cyber Liability.

We’ve designed our package with the risks faced by a typical law firm in mind and have enhanced the coverage extensions in areas most applicable to law firms. The result is the most comprehensive Business Office Package available in the marketplace today. In addition to the limits of coverage specified for each coverage section, our package includes a host of automatic coverage extensions that enhance the primary coverage sections and are included at no additional charge.

 While the coverage extensions cannot be reduced, they can be increased for an additional charge.

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Policy Features

Please note: Coverage definitions are for your reference only. For full details of coverage, including any conditions, definitions and limitations, please read the policy wordings carefully. 

True Worldwide Liability and Property Coverage – Traveling abroad? The policy will cover your property anywhere in the world and will defend you in any jurisdiction in the world.

Owned & Non Owned Watercraft up to 16M – Own or renting a yacht? The policy will cover your legal liability for use of owned and non owned watercraft up to 16M in length.

Who is an Insured – Partners have personal law corporations? The policy automatically includes personal law corporations of member partners without the need to schedule them to the policy. It also automatically extends to include contractors and articling students.

No Coinsurance Clauses – Coinsurance clauses attached to the property and business interruption sections on typical Business Office Packages are automatically waived.

First Dollar Liability Defense – The policy does not charge a deductible for liability claims and will defend you for the first dollar.

No Liquor Liability Exclusion – Throwing a party? The policy does not exclude liability arising from the service of liquor.

Coverage Summary

Property of Every Description – This includes your office contents, furniture, fixtures, signage, plate glass windows, equipment, property of others in your custody, and your interest in tenant improvements. Basically, all of the property used in your business.

Property Extensions – Each Sharing a $500,000 Aggregate Limit of Coverage

Accounts Receivable – Following direct physical loss to your records of accounts receivable, this covers the amounts customers owe to you but you cannot collect on. It also covers extra collection costs you would not have incurred, interest charges on loans you have obtained to offset amounts you are unable to collect and your costs to prepare new records of accounts receivable.

Theft Damage to Non-owned Building – This covers damage to the building you occupy, or its’ equipment, caused by forced or attempted forced entry.

Extra Expense – This covers expenses incurred by you over and above your ordinary expenses which are necessary to avoid or minimize the suspension of your business and allow you to resume normal operations after a covered loss.

Fine Arts – Covers direct physical loss to your works of art or works of art belonging to others in your care, custody and control.

Fire Protection Equipment Recharge Expense – Covers costs to recharge any fire protection equipment discharged in an effort to protect your property.

Trees, Shrubs, Plants or Lawns – Covers direct physical loss and debris removal of your outdoor trees, shrubs, plants and lawns.

Leasehold Interest – Covers the loss you sustain from the cancellation of your lease following direct physical loss to covered property.

Master Key Replacement – Covers costs of repairing, replacing or reprogramming keys, locks and cards that is necessary following direct physical loss to covered property at your premises.

Personal Effects – Covers loss to the personal effects of one person of your choosing caused by a covered loss at your premises, or in transit in the ordinary course of your business.

Arson & Crime Reward Payments – Reimburses you for any reward you offer and pay to anyone other than your officers, partners or directors for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for the arson, theft, or vandalism of your property or recovery of your stolen goods. We will even waive the deductible

Property Extensions – Specified Limits

Debris Removal (25%) – Covers costs to remove and dispose of your damaged or destroyed business property from your premises following a covered loss.

Pollution Clean Up & Removal ($25,000) – Covers your costs to cleanup pollutants from land or water at your premises if a covered loss releases pollutants.

Fire Department Service Charges ($25,000) – Fire department charges you are required to pay.

Interruption of Service ($100,000) – Covers your loss arising from the interruption of services to your premises caused by a covered loss at your premises.

Newly Acquired or Newly Constructed Property ($2,000,000 Building & $1,000,000 Contents) – Covers your new building while being built and existing buildings you acquire as well as newly acquired business property. You must report the new property to us within 180 days.

Electronic Data Processing $100,000 – Covers loss to your electronic data processing equipment caused by artificially generated electric current and/or mechanical breakdown.

Electronic Media and Records $100,000 – Covers the cost of research to replace or restore electronic media and records lost due to a covered loss.

Computer Virus – $2,500, $10,000 Aggregate – Expenses to extract computer viruses.

Unauthorized Computer Access $5,000 – Accidental or intentional malicious impairment by unauthorized persons of media, data or system software owned by you or operated by your electronic data processing equipment.

Prepaid Rent $10,000 – Covers the unamortized portion of advance rent you paid that will not be refunded to you following a covered loss.

Valuable Papers & Records $500,000 – Covers your expenses to recreate information contained on your damaged valuable papers and records following a covered loss, including records stored on electronic or magnetic media.

Royalties $50,000 – Covers your actual loss of royalties, commissions or similar fees you sustain resulting from a covered loss to property of another not insured under this policy and with whom you have a royalty, licensing or commission agreement.

Brands, Labels & Trademarks $50,000 – Pays for the removal of your brands, trademarks or other defining characteristics from your damaged product following a covered loss.

Deferred Payments $25,000 – Covers payments due to you for property damaged by a covered cause of loss that you have sold to others but have not yet been paid.

Inventory or Appraisal $50,000 – Covers reasonable expenses you incur at the insurers request to assist in determining the value of your loss.

Water Damage, Other Liquids, Powder or Molten Material Damage $25,000 – Following a property loss caused by water damage, other liquids, powder or molten material damage, the policy will pay to rip out any portion of the building required to facilitate repair of the system or appliance from where the water or other substance escapes.

Property at Unnamed Locations $50,000 – Covers loss or damage to your business property at a location you own, lease or operate but is not stated on the declaration page.

Property at Temporary Locations including Exhibitions $50,000 – Covers your business property while it is temporarily away from your premises.

Property in Transit $50,000 – Covers your business property while in the course of transit.

Installation Coverage $50,000 – Covers your business property and the property of others that will, or has become, a permanent part of an installation, fabrication or erection project being performed by you, for others, or by others on your behalf.

Employee Theft $25,000 –Covers your loss of money, securities and other forms of property arising from theft by employees or employee dishonesty.

Laptop or Handheld Computers and Similar Portable Electronic Equipment $10,000 – Covers loss to laptops, handheld computers and similar portable electronic equipment while away from your premises.

Loss Adjustment Expense $10,000 – Covers the reasonable expenses incurred by you to prepare claim data when requested by the insurer. This includes the cost of taking inventories, obtaining appraisals and preparing other documentation to show the extent of your loss.

Unintentional Errors & Omissions $100,000 – Covers loss to property in the event an unintentional error, omission, incorrect valuation or incorrect description of the interest, risk or property covered by your policy voids coverage.

Business Interruption

Business Income – Covers your loss of business income following damage to your property. The indemnity continues until you reach the profitability level your business was at immediately prior to the loss.

Extra Expense – Covers expenses incurred by you over and above your ordinary business expenses which are necessary to avoid or minimize the suspension of your business and allow you to resume normal business operations after a covered loss.

Business Interruption Extensions of Coverage

Dependent Business Location $25,000 – Covers loss of business income and extra expense following damage at a location not specified on your policy, but that your business depends on to operate.

Ingress/Egress $100,000 – Covers your loss of business income and extra expense when ingress or egress to your premises is physically prevented.

Civil Authority $25,000 – Covers your loss of business income and extra expense when a civil authority prohibits access to your premises following physical loss to your property.

Alterations & New Buildings $100,000 – Covers loss of business income and extra expense following loss or damage to new buildings or structures either complete or under construction, existing buildings or structures to which additions or alterations are being made and machinery, equipment, supplies or building materials used in the alteration or building process.

Professional Fees $10,000 – Covers all fees necessary to hire outside accounting professionals following a loss to assist you in substantiating your business income or extra expense loss.

Newly Acquired Locations $250,000 – Covers your business income and extra expense loss due to damage at a location you acquire after the start of the policy term, but that has not yet been reported to the insurance company.

Royalties $25,000 – Covers your actual loss of royalties and extra expense due to physical loss or damage to the premises of a licensee not mentioned on your policy.

Crime – Money & Securities $25,000

Covers your loss resulting from theft, disappearance or destruction of your money or securities.

Equipment Breakdown

Covers your loss resulting from an accident to an object in use, or connected ready for use at your premises.

Equipment Breakdown Extensions of Coverage

Newly Acquired or Newly Constructed Property – $1,000,000 – Covers your loss resulting from an accident to an object located at a location newly acquired or newly constructed by you.

Bylaws – $1,000,000 – Coverage is extended to any increased cost of repair or replacement of covered property as required by the enforcement of any bylaw.

Extra Expense – $50,000 – Covers your costs over and above your ordinary costs to avoid or minimize the interruption of your operation. This enables you to operate at a temporary location or with substitute equipment.

Expediting Expense – $100,000 – Following a covered equipment breakdown loss, this extension covers the reasonable extra costs, including overtime, and the extra cost of express transportation to expedite repair or replacement of damaged property.

Professional Fees – $100,000 – Covers reasonable and necessary fees payable to auditors, accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers or other professionals for producing and certifying information required to substantiate your equipment breakdown claim.

Hazardous Substances Limitation – $100,000 – Covers increased costs to repair, replace, cleanup or dispose of property affected by the release of hazardous substances following a covered equipment breakdown loss.

Ammonia Contamination Limitation – $100,000 – Covers your loss caused by ammonia that is used as a refrigerant that comes into contact with covered property following an accident to any refrigerant or air conditioning vessels.

Water Damage Limitation – $100,000 – Covers loss to your business property when damaged by water as a result of an accident to any piping.

Spoilage Damage Limitation – $25,000 – Covers spoilage to covered property following a covered equipment breakdown loss.

Data & Media Restoration – $25,000 – Covers data or media lost or damaged following an accident to an object.

Errors & Omissions – $100,000 – Covers your property and business interruption losses otherwise invalidated due to an unintentional error or omission by you in the description or location of the property to be covered.

Denial of Access – 2 Weeks – Covers your business interruption and extra expense loss in the event ingress to or egress from your premises is denied as a result of an accident to an object not owned or operated by you.

Commercial General Liability

Coverage A. Bodily Injury & Property Damage $5,000,000

Bodily Injury: Physical injury, sickness, or disease sustained by a person, including death. The definition also includes mental anguish or mental injury resulting from a physical injury. Most bodily injury claims happen due to slips, falls or injuries at the firm’s premises or off premises events.

Property Damage: Physical injury to tangible property including loss of use and theft.  These claims can occur from negligence or accusations of theft, including negligence whereby a member of the firm accidentally damages the property or assets of another


Coverage B. Personal & Advertising Injury Liability – $5,000,000

Injury to another arising from a variety of factors including:

a) Libel or slander which disparages a person or organization

b) Oral or written publication which violates a person’s right of privacy

c) Use of another’s advertising idea in your advertisement or copyright infringement in your advertisement. Advertisement means a notice or broadcast published to the       general public which could mean material disseminated electronically or traditionally.


Coverage C. Medical Payments $2,500 per person, $10,000 per accident, $25,000 annual aggregate

This covers medical expenses related to an accident or injury on your premises, on the way to your premises, or because of your operations. These expenses are typically first on the scene responses but can be incurred up to one year after the accident and include:

a) First aid administered at the time of the accident

b) Necessary medical, surgical, x-ray and dental services including prosthetic devices

c) Necessary ambulance, hospital, professional nursing and funeral services

Medical expenses may be paid without any fault established.


Coverage D. Broad Form Tenants Legal Liability $2,000,000

The insurance company will pay for damages (or defense costs) to property damages sustained at your premises or premises of others rented to you or occupied by you. This might be the space you lease or a rented event venue. Sometimes damages are caused by negligence such as a leaking cooler damaging a floor.


Coverage E. Employee Benefits Errors & Omissions $1,000,000

This covers your legal liability for errors & omissions committed in the administration of your firm’s employee benefit program.

Commercial General Liability Extensions of Coverage

Political Risk Coverage $50,000 – Covers your loss to personal property as a direct result of civil war and insurrection, expropriatory action, acts of sabotage and terrorism.

Kidnap & Ransom $100,000 – This covers ransom monies paid by you to secure the release of a person insured under the policy including your relatives, in the event they are held captive.

Loss of Earnings – Defense investigation expense: $500 per day – This covers your loss of earnings for time taken off work when assisting the insurance company in the investigation of a liability suit.

Non Owned Automobile Liability – $5,000,000- Non-owned & hired auto liability covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire (including rented or borrowed vehicles).

Cyber Liability – Net Protect Essential

Network Damage, Security Breach, Privacy Injury & Identity Theft $25,000 – This covers amounts you are legally obligated to pay as damages as a result of wrongful acts that results in a claim alleging network damage, violation of any security breach notice law or privacy injury and identity theft. Coverage is extended to include reasonable fees, costs and expenses incurred by you to comply with a security breach notice.

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