Coverage for Nonprofits and Charities With Spark Insurance

Shaw Sabey is proud to partner with Spark Insurance for all nonprofit and charity coverages. Spark’s customized insurance products are tailored to fit your organization. Whether it’s general liability, volunteer injury or anything in between, Spark can handle all of your nonprofit insurance needs. Spark leverages the group buying power of Canadian nonprofits and charities while utilizing new technology to help you achieve your business goals. That’s insurance done differently!

For too long service clubs have paid more because of inefficiencies in the system. Spark is here to help them unite. They serve all your nonprofit and charity insurance needs in one place so you can get back to doing the great things you do!

Spark also offers a huge variety of educational tools and resources for nonprofits and charities, such as:

And don’t forget to check out Spark’s Blog, with relevant and informative articles being posted daily!

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