In today’s unpredictable environment,
an integrated approach to risk management is necessary.

Our job is not to provide you with insurance quotes, but to allow you to choose from an array of services. From loss prevention techniques to insurance quotes and cover or claims management, Shaw Sabey designs and implements a fully integrated risk management program.


Risk Services

Shaw Sabey’s risk management services deliver a broad selection of products and support, providing the essential risk information you need to profitably manage your business and potential losses.

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Financial Services

Through strategic financial decisions such as captive insurance management and premium financing, Shaw Sabey can help secure your business’ finances in the event of a loss.

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Commercial Insurance

Whether it’s property or casualty insurance, small business insurance or fiduciary insurance, Shaw Sabey will provide you with insurance products tailored to your business.

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Personal Insurance

Since the beginning, Shaw Sabey has provided individuals and their families with insurance products ranging from auto and home insurance to travel and ‘toys’.

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Drone Insurance

UAVs and drones can be used for a number of personal and commercial activities.  Shaw Sabey has created a new customized coverage policy that will protect you or your business from a variety of risks.

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uBiz Home Based Businesses

Whether you’re an artist selling crafts, a tech-savvy go-getter or a consultant doing it your way, uBiz has a solution for home-based businesses that works for you.

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