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Shaw Sabey & Associates is a proud partner of Drone Insurance Depot, a leading name in aviation risk management. Drone Insurance Depot offers specialty insurance products for UAVs used for both hobby and commercial use. It only takes 5 minutes to apply for a free, no obligation quote from Drone Insurance Depot!

Using a drone for personal use? Drones have becoming increasingly popular as personal gadgets and hobbies. Whether you’re using your UAV to fly around the park, take aerial shots of a family BBQ, or documenting your vacation, it is important to protect yourself from the risk of injuring a bystander or damaging another person’s property.

Using a drone for commercial use? Just as people are operating drones for various personal activities, many businesses are utilizing them to increase efficiency, expand in creativity, and surpass limitations in their field. Such industries include:

What Can a Drone Insurance Depot Policy Cover?

  • First-party property coverage – for theft or damage to the drone and any ground equipment used to operate it, or any electronics or components (payload) carried.
  • Third-party liability coverage – for property damage and bodily injury caused to others by the drone, premises liability at locations used in connection with scheduled aircraft, as well as medical expenses.
  • Additional coverage extensions – may include malicious damage, system hacking, and personal injury.
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