Christmas is a time of giving- but it’s also one of the busiest times of the year. Many people look to donate their time or money to local charities, but struggle to find the means to do so during the hectic holiday season. Shaw Sabey makes it easy to give back with our list The Easiest Ways to Donate This Holiday Season- because it’s never too late!

1. Canada Helps
This website provides a million and one ways that you can give a gift that gives back to the community. Present friends and family with a Charity Gift Card, which allows them to donate your money to a charity of their choice, or choose from a list of ‘Charitable Gift Ideas’ for every price range. Canada Helps also gives users the choise of ‘Monthly Giving’:

” Monthly giving is a scheduled financial donation given to the charities you care about – without actually increasing how much you would normally give at the end of the year.”
– Canada Helps

Check out to learn more and start giving back today!

2. Donate a Car Canada
You know that car in the driveway that no one ever uses? That vehicle could be the perfect way to make your holiday donation! Donate a Car Canada makes it easy- simple tell them about the car you want to get rid of, they pick it up, and the charity send you a tax receipt. Boom, goodwill AND a clear driveway! There are hundreds of charities to help support from every province across Canada!

Check out today!

3. Goodshop
Imagine being able to donate money to your favourite charity while simultaneously shopping for all those on your Christmas list. With Goodshop, you can do just that! Just register on their website to support your chosen cause, shop online with the best coupons and deals at stores like Best Buy, Victoria Secret, Nordstrom, and more, and Goodshop will automaticall donate a percentage of your purchase to that charity! This site is a great way for online shoppers to donate will checking those gifts off their list.

Click here to learn more:

4. Search Engines for Social Good
There are a number of search engine sites which will allow you to help charities raise money simple by looking up information on their site. Whether they are donating 100% to one-third-of-a-cent of revenues, these seach engines will give money every time you click ‘search’. And the best part? It doesn’t cost you anything! So check out this list from Mashable to start donating now!